Why Limitless Is The Future of Immersive Family Entertainment! (We Are Creative Works)

In this episode of ‘We Are Creative Works’, Russ Van Natta shares how Creative Works is pushing the boundaries of free-roam VR attractions. This experience does something no other VR product can do. It combines virtual reality with physical props and barriers in the playing space, delivering an unparalleled level of immersion. GAME. CHANGER.

By incorporating advanced VR technology, Limitless allows guests to feel and interact with objects within the virtual world, blurring the lines between real and virtual worlds. The lightweight headsets and next-gen blasters with haptic feedback enhance the realism, making every blast and vibration substantial.

With impressive capacity, high throughput, and captivating gameplay, Limitless is poised to become a revenue-generating sensation for your venue. With 6, 8, and 16-player formats, it can fit most FEC floor plans.

Click to see the recently unveiled 6-player Limitless!

Next Steps

Want to see exactly how much revenue Limitless can generate for your venue? Access the online revenue calculator here. If you’re ready to take the next step so you can WOW your customers with this amazing attraction, request a quote today!