Huge Updates for the Award-Winning Limitless VR

In the last year, Limitless has received some BIG feature updates, and today’s Limitless VR experience is better than ever before. Even if you’ve played this attraction in the past, you’ll be blown away by how far this product has come.

At the IAAPA Expo in 2022, Limitless received a second place Brass Ring Award for Best New Product. In this article, we’ll break down the biggest new features that have been added to this free roam VR attraction since winning that award.

Player Accounts

Guests can easily register and create a persistent account directly from their phone. With this account, customers can change their avatar and gun skin at any time, bringing extremely popular features from in-home console games to location-based entertainment venues. These same player accounts make onboarding quick and easy for operators, which is important for hourly throughput.

Players can choose gun skins and avatars in their account

New Attraction Sizes

Every venue has different space availability for attractions, so we added a compact 6-player size to the Limitless lineup. With these multiple size variations, you can find the right fit for your venue. The 6-player format is 20’x30’, the 8-player format is 20’x40’, and the 16-player format is 40’x40’.

Limitless VR Size Formats
There are 3 size formats to fit any venue

No License Fees

Ok, this is technically a feature that’s been around since Limitless launched. BUT, it’s so important that we want to highlight it again here. We’ve been developing and distributing VR attractions for years, and there’s something important we learned. Operators like you hate the annual license fees associated with these attractions.

So we decided to eliminate license fees with Limitless. When you purchase the attraction, you get access to 6 avatars, 3 realms (the themed virtual worlds), and multiple gun skins. And you’ll have access to all of these forever. Period. In the future, we’ll be releasing optional bundle packs of avatars, realms, and gun skins that you can purchase a la carte if you wish.

Haptic Guns

The 3D printed blasters that held the controllers in the first iteration have been replaced by the Striker Mavrik-Pro. This commercial grade haptic gun features virtual recoil, haptic engines, active touch inputs, and a robust build that’s less likely to break. Plus it looks incredible!

Graphic Updates

There are 3 realms that come standard with Limitless: the frozen wastelands of Polar Vortex, the humid jungles of Temple Falls, and the Orbital Station suspended miles above a distant planet. All of these realms have received massive graphical updates, making the experience more immersive for players.

What’s Next?

We have a lot more updates for Limitless VR that we can’t share quite yet. Everything we add is focused on making the attraction easier to operate, more immersive for guests, and even more fun to come back and play again.

If you’re ready to learn how Limitless can engage customers and generate revenue at your venue, click below to Request a Quote today!