How A Vivid Vision Helps Your Business Plan for the Future

As a current or future business owner, you’re always thinking about the future. If you’re planning your first entertainment venue, you likely have elaborate ideas about what your dream business will look like one day. If you already operate a venue, your future thoughts probably revolve around opening additional facilities, adding new attractions, or expanding in other ways.

Regardless of your situation, it’s always important to be thinking about the future, planning your long-term strategy, coming up with a plan, and communicating that plan to your team.

This is where Vivid Vision can help.

What is Vivid Vision?

In short, Vivid Vision is a method that helps companies bring their ideas together to generate a clear plan for what their future looks like. It’s a detailed overview of what the business will look like, feel like, and act like three years down the road.

The Vivid Vision program was started by Cameron Herold. Herold is a well-known top business consultant, best-selling author, and speaker. He’s worked with hundreds of companies to help them experience exponential growth.

Oftentimes, leaders have ideas in their mind, but it’s hard to put it into words. Most business “visions” are just words or vague ideas; they’re not specific goals that the company is working towards. Vivid Vision allows those leaders to craft a story around the vision. This makes it easier for everyone to understand and work towards.

An analogy: Let’s pretend the business leader is the architect of a house. That architect has a vision for what they want the house to look like. Their job is to convey their vision to the workers by using specific details to paint a clear picture of exactly what it needs to look like. The same applies to your business. Vivid Vision is the tool that allows leaders to accomplish this.

Benefits For Your Business

A Vivid Vision has several benefits for your business. First, it helps you solidify what the future of your business is going to look like. As you’re tossing around ideas in your head about future plans or what you want the business to look like, it can be hard to formulate concrete plans that you want to stick to. Vivid Vision is designed to lay out a clear, detailed plan that everyone can understand and work towards.

Furthermore, once you’ve established a Vivid Vision and you can share it with your team, it gives your employees motivation to work harder. By providing your team with an exciting plan for the future, everyone can rally behind it and know that their efforts are contributing to a long-term exciting future for the company.

Creative Works Vivid Vision

In anticipation of our future growth plans, our company created a Vivid Vision. The document lays out what our company will ideally look like by 2023. However, instead of just listing a collection of facts and goals, the Vivid Vision presents the information in a way that is more engaging for both our present and future clients, our employees, and anyone else who is interested in seeing the plans for our company.

You can create a Vivid Vision for your company too! And no, you don’t need to work with Cameron Herold to make it happen. By using the information we’ve laid out in this blog, you can craft a concrete long-term plan for your company and get your employees to buy in to help you achieve your goals.

To see our Vivid Vision document, click here!