How Our Project Management Department Helps You Level Up

Our company is focusing on a motto that drives everything we do: Level Up. For us, it means leveling up our customer experience from top to bottom. One way is through our new products, including Lucky Putt golf and our two new escape room themes, Slime Works and Cell Block E.

Another way we have always been able to level up our customer experience is through our dedicated project management team. In this blog, we’ll cover what our project management team does, how they are a differentiator for Creative Works, and how they help you achieve your attraction dreams.

The Role of Project Management

So, what exactly is the goal of our project management team? In their words, it is to “bring your attraction dreams to reality.” The project management team are your liaisons at Creative Works. They take you from the sales phase through design, production, logistics and installation of your attraction. When you have chosen an attraction to pursue, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager. This person will then help you through every stage of the process.

Making Your Dreams A Reality

Our project management team is here to make sure the process of adding your dream attraction goes as smoothly as possible. They work hard to provide you all of the necessary communication, documents, next steps and anything else you need. They will work directly with your architects, contractors, fire marshals, and others to ensure that every aspect of your project is compliant and done correctly.

In the process of constructing your attraction, there are sometimes going to be bumps in the road along the way. During this time, communication is critical. Our project management team works hard to stay on top of everything and resolve problems that might arise. Your assigned representative will be committed to getting you an answer right away so that your project remains on schedule.

They are always available to answer your questions in regards to site prep, timeline and strategy. Our project management team has many years of experience working with many different types of unique projects and their insight is invaluable to clients throughout their process.

“Each project is unique in its own way and seeing someone else’s dreams come to fruition and knowing we had a hand in helping achieve that is what it’s all about. At the end of the day, Creative Works is family and we want our customers to feel like an extension of that,” says Melissa Cameron, our Senior Project Manager.

Kristin Crisp from project management adds that her favorite part of the job is, “the reaction our work gets, leaving people blown away.”

The Creative Works Difference

Our project management team is a differentiation in the attraction industry. It’s rare to find an attractions provider that has a team of hardworking individuals committed to making sure every step of your project goes smoothly.

“They worked to meet and exceed our expectations even when challenges arose,” commented Randal Drew, CEO of Park Entertainment.

Even after your project is finished and installed, project management is still committed to making sure your attraction maximizes revenue, provides invaluable memories to your guests and ultimately succeeds. They can provide you with plenty of training, education, marketing and support tools to make your attraction successful.

Our project management team is excited to help you make your attraction dreams a reality. Request a quote now to get started.

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