How to Create Success in a Small Market with Special Guest Trent Coggins – Podcast Episode 18

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Episode Description

For this episode of the Memory Makers Podcast, Danny Gruening and Russ Van Natta hand the reins over to Armando Lanuti as he sits down with Trent Coggins of Recoil Trampoline Park to discuss how he turned an unexpected idea into a booming, profitable business.

You won’t want to miss the insights from Trent on how he went from practicing law to becoming the ‘accidental entrepreneur’ behind the thriving trampoline park in Valdosta, Georgia (and even looking at expanding!).

Key Takeaways

  1. Hear the surprising journey of how and why Trent brought a trampoline business to an unconventional market.
  2. Learn the challenges Trent faced when exploring franchise options and why he chose to build his own instead.
  3. Dive into the strategic decision to expand beyond trampolines, adding laser tag and an arcade to the mix.
  4. Hear the heartwarming impact the business has had on the community, turning an old Big Lots building into a source of pride and joy.

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