How To Prioritize Your Business Ideas – Podcast Episode 6

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Episode Description

In this episode of the Memory Makers Podcast, Danny Gruening and Russ Van Natta introduce a powerful framework from John Maxwell that will change the way you approach note taking for better implementation. Learn how to prioritize and turn concepts into actionable plans using the “ACT” framework: Apply, Change, Teach.

How can YOU as an owner/operator in the FEC or LBE industry benefit from implementing this strategy? Tune in to find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace Continuous Learning: Attending industry events and educational sessions not only keeps you updated but also provides fresh insights to enhance your family entertainment center.
  • The ACT Framework: John Maxwell’s “ACT” framework (Apply, Change, Teach) offers a practical approach to prioritize and implement new ideas. By categorizing concepts into what to apply, change, or teach, you can turn them into actionable steps, ensuring tangible improvements for your business.
  • Immediate Implementation: You NEED to acting promptly on new knowledge. Don’t wait to implement what you’ve learned; prioritize and execute. Start with the most impactful changes, apply them, and make them part of your business strategy.
  • Team Alignment: Engage your team in the implementation process. Have each team member independently categorize ideas using the ACT framework, then come together to align priorities. This collaborative approach ensures everyone’s on the same page and committed to the changes and teachings ahead.

Additional Notes:

At the beginning of the episode, Danny discusses trying ‘All Dressed’ Chips for the first time while in Canada. According to Try Treats, “All Dressed Chips by Ruffles are exactly what they sound like, potato chips flavored with ALL the dressings (ketchup, salt, vinegar, barbecue, sour cream, onion and other mystery seasonings.) Beloved by Canadians, many are befuddled that this great flavor is not available in the United States.”

We also discuss Jocko Willink‘s books Extreme Ownership and Dichotomy of Leadership

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