We Announced Speakers for September’s Amusement 360 Event

We recently announced the speaker lineup for Amusement 360, the educational event where startups and operators learn how to build more profitable entertainment businesses.

Taking place on September 19-21 in Indianapolis, Amusement 360 offers more than 14 hours of programming. This event features nearly 20 expert presenters who will speak on a wide range of topics, from local PR and influencer marketing to market feasibility studies, staff training, and leadership strategies.

Creative Works secured a special keynote presentation by Maureen Zappala. Maureen is a former engineer, and was the youngest and first female manager of NASA’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory. She’s now an author and award winning speaker, and during her presentation, she will help attendees overcome the self-doubt of imposter syndrome.

The full list of speakers at the event includes:

  • Armando Lanuti, Creative Works
  • Russ Van Natta, Creative Works
  • Danny Gruening, Creative Works
  • Kimberly Schilling, Creative Works
  • Maureen Zappala, High Altitude Strategies
  • Kevin Loughery, Prospr Communications
  • David Wallace, Turfway Entertainment
  • Jerry Merola, Amusement Entertainment Management
  • Beth Standlee, TrainerTainment
  • Frank Price, FL Price
  • Howard McAuliffe, Pinnacle Entertainment Group
  • Sheryl Bindelglass, SherylGolf
  • Rebecca Metzner, Trifecta Management
  • Kevin Lonzo, Lonzo Law
  • Jackie Hoegger, Hoegger Communications
  • Kevin Williams, Spider Entertainment

In addition to the educational presentations, Amusement 360 includes in-depth operator interviews, giving attendees an exclusive glimpse into the practices of businesses that have achieved remarkable success. These interviews will feature Jeff Gebhart and Craig Wescott from Five Star Parks, Scott Logan from Grand Station Entertainment, and Trent Coggins from Recoil Trampoline Park.

The previous Amusement 360 event, held in April 2023, saw an unprecedented turnout of more than 110 attendees. According to survey results from attendees at the last event, 100% of respondents reported learning valuable insights that significantly boosted their revenue, improved profitability, and helped them overcome significant business challenges.

Registration for the September event is now open. Interested individuals can see the full agenda and secure their spot by visiting the official Amusement 360 Event website.