How to Understand VR Categories – Podcast Episode 25

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Episode Description

In this episode of the Memory Makers Podcast, hosts Russ Van Natta and Danny Gruening explain how to understand VR categories in a marketplace where the options feel overwhelming. In this episode, learn how to understand your audience, align VR choices with operational strengths, explore appropriate pricing models, and make staff training an immersive and enjoyable experience. They emphasize the need to move beyond the stereotypical description of VR and embrace what your guests demand. Virtuality Reality is far from just being a fad.

Key Takeaways

  1. Customer Alignment Matters: VR doesn’t cater to a specific age group, gender, or income range.
  2. Operational Best Practices: Consider what type of VR suits your operational capabilities. Whether it’s an arcade setup, a hybrid attraction, or a full-scale free-roam experience, align your choice with your staffing levels and technical abilities.
  3. Diverse Pricing Models: There are various means of charging for your VR attractions. From ala carte options to mini-bundling and premium packages, finding the model that aligns with your business goals and customer expectations is key to success.
  4. Training Your Staff: Allow your staff to play and experience VR firsthand. Gamify the training process with in-house competitions and tournaments to build enthusiasm and expertise among your team.

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