How We Created a Laser Tag With 4 Themes in One [We Are Creative Works Episode 24]

We Are Creative Works Episode 24

This is the twenty-fourth episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on. Below is a transcript of the video.

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My name is Martin Kuntz. I am a creative developer and designer here at Creative Works and recently we completed a laser tag for Kalahari Round Rock, Texas.

We have worked with Kalahari before on past projects, and recently they came to us with a very specific idea. They wanted essentially four themes rolled into one cohesive laser tag touching base on prehistoric times, Ancient Egypt, Old West, and the not-distant future.

It’s always great when a client comes to us with very specific ideas and knows what they want. Kalahari came to us with sketches and ideas already in mind that we then had to turn into fully realized 3D props.

Once I completed building the 3D models, we were able to send them back to Kalahari to get their approval. This allows Kalahari to look over everything and make any changes where needed. It also gives them the opportunity to see their sketches turn into reality and see what exactly is going to be milled on our CNC.


We get our files from Martin, we do a little bit of modification on both of our CNC machines, but then ultimately, it’s up to our artists and their art in our production space to modify anything that we need to. Then it goes onto our hard coat process, and then from there just on to paint.


After that, we’re also able to integrate tech and lighting and different electronic elements to make the process much more exciting and engaging for the players. Everything from the archways to the form props to even the maze wall panels were entirely custom for this job.


At Kalahari, we had the opportunity to do projection mapping on one of our props. The animated effects on the prop give it a whole new depth, making it instantly impactful. Now projecting effects and animation on the props is standard practice here at Creative Works.

One of the more unique challenges that we faced with this project was having to keep true to their trademark characters, especially with Tom Foolery. One of the more unique props that we were able to make was we turned Tom into Tom Sphinx for the Egyptian aspect of the laser tag. This project posed a lot of challenges. The client had very specific ideas in mind, and we were able to achieve those and create one cohesive laser tag that brought four very different elements to life. If you are at all interested in bringing your custom ideas to life, please click here and be sure to follow us on Facebook.