How We Created a Mythic Sci-Fi World for Laser Tag – We Are Creative Works [Episode 10]

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We Are Creative Works Episode 10

This is the tenth episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on. Below is a transcript of the video.

My name is Armando Lanuti. I’m the President of Creative Works.

We’re going to talk a little bit about a new laser tag theme that we’re installing for a client of ours that’s inspired by the video game Destiny.

Within this laser tag arena they described this idea of a futuristic space kind of a thing so what we started to do is take in create inspirational concept boards with scenes from different areas within the game different planets, different missions, the raids that they create and take these elaborate components and try and dial them into those three to five sections that we were going to be creating within this laser tag arena.

When a project like this is going through the process at the shop it always starts in that concepting stage going back and forth then internally about what we like, what we don’t like, what we feel like we can create for the client. Now we need to start turning everything into 3D models and concept in and out getting the engineering right, making sure that things are structurally going to be sound.

Then those will start to take place in our various production capabilities. They’ll go into our foam shop to get custom pieces sculpted on our routers and hot wire machines.

They’re going to go into our wood shop to get all of the actual base structural components made for it and all the fine details are going to happen there that will then have lighting and electrical incorporated into it from our support and tech team.

Then it’s all going to hit our finish department right in our Paint Department where they’re going to check for coloration, making sure it’s glowing right when it’s a new piece, getting all the QC from our finish team, get it all wrapped up before it then ships out to the client.

As their players go in they’re going to be WOW’d from the moment they step into that briefing and vesting space, we actually created an amazing entrance archway on the outside.

It’s going to kick things off just in their intrigue as soon as they see it and they’re going to come out of there with some unique memories and feelings about the attraction they just played that they’re just not going to be able to get anywhere else.