Meet Danny – Theme Team [Episode 5]

Theme Team – Episode 5

This is the fifth episode in a series called Theme Team. In these videos, we introduce you to our amazing staff and show off how they deliver the WOW effect in everything they do. Below is a transcript of the video.

My name is Danny and I am the VP of Marketing here at Creative Works. I have been working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years.

My first job ever in the entertainment industry was when I was 15 years old. I got a job at a brand new laser tag facility on the North side of Indianapolis called Laser Flash and I was part of the opening team that got hired before they ever opened.

After graduating college, I went down to work at Disney World at the Disney College Program and my second day I was there I met my wife. We just sort of clicked right away and then, you know, she’s kind of my Disney Princess if you will.

So, because I am a firm believer in memories and creating memories and memorable experiences over buying things. My wife is the same way. We really enjoy traveling. We have a goal of at least once a year, we wanna go on an international trip to a country we’ve never been before and be able to have these awesome experiences and see the world.

As the VP of Marketing, my role really comes down to delivering the right messages to the right people at the right times through video messages or articles, blog posts, advertisements or anything in between. I also help organize and run the 360 Event conference that we hold three times a year here in Indianapolis. We get to bring in a huge group of people who want to learn more about laser tag, whether they have an attraction or the don’t and how to open one successfully, how to operate it successfully and how to maintain long term success. And we just try to help deliver of valuable education to people across the industry.

What I’ve found, not only through my experience, but through others, is the entertainment industry, once you get into it, you kinda don’t leave.It gets its claws in you and you really enjoy it and you don’t really want to leave, and, so ever since I was 15 and did that. I haven’t left this industry.