How We Developed an Art Deco Laser Tag Theme – We Are Creative Works [Episode 14]

We Are Creative Works Episode 14

This is the fourteenth episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on. Below is a transcript of the video.

Hey everybody, I’m Tori March. I’m a Concept Designer here at Creative Works.

We recently created a new laser tag theme inspired by Art Deco.

This theme has more of a futuristic vibe while still having it homage to the past. The futuristic elements of this theme are evident especially in the murals.

We drew a lot of inspiration from video games like Bioshock for the murals and a lot of the color palettes of this theme.

In addition, our wall panels are inspired by some of the artwork and some of the imagery from Great Gatsby. Specifically for this arena we wanted to give it more of a futuristic vibe by tying in some Tron colors as well as some additional futuristic touches in the color palette.

For this arena we also wanted to tie in a lot of New York specific elements like a giant 18 foot Statue of Liberty center prop, and the New York City skyline in the murals. Some of the challenges we encountered while creating this theme were trying to replicate the Art Deco architecture. Art Deco has a lot of very powerful over-the-top intricacies within all of the buildings, so when we went to create these props it was quite a challenge putting all of that into a prop and making it larger than life but still able to fit into a laser tag arena.

My role in all of this is taking all of our prop concepts as well as the murals and making sure that they are all cohesive together so that when the player walks in they’re completely immersed in the theme and nothing looks out of place.

I created the murals using Photoshop. So when I create a mural I’m basically making the world that this laser tag arena is set in. I do this by using a lot of layers of different paint and then also going back and making sure that I’m keeping my colors consistent or adding in new colors and seeing how that looks.

Something unique to the Art Deco theme is the entryway. It gives you the feeling of what’s within the arena before you actually go in. The entry arch looks like a metropolis. It has a skyscraper sort of look where we employed some of the elements of repetitive detailed line work that Art Deco is so well known for.

Another unique piece of this arena is that at the entry we have projection mapping. The projection mapping helps create a story for the players before they even enter the arena. Using After
Effects, I animated zeppelins flying through the New York City skyline, which is kind of what we have going on within the murals of the arena as well.

The Art Deco theme is one of a kind and we’re really happy with how it’s turned out.

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