How We Made a Giant Sasquatch Prop – We Are Creative Works [Episode 18]

We Are Creative Works Episode 18

This is the nineteenth episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on. Below is a transcript of the video.

Hi. My name is Cydney. I’m a sculptor here at Creative Works.

We recently completed a Pacific Northwest themed laser tag arena for Langer’s Family Entertainment Center in Sherwood, Oregon.

This arena features several massive murals and custom designed 3D props.

There’s a forest, or timber themed vesting room, lots of tree details, a massive bridge crane prop carrying logs that float over the arena, and an 8-foot Sasquatch standing on top of our industrial themed arena walls.

The Sasquatch we made started out with a 3D model that we created cut files for to be compatible with our CNC table.

After those files come off the table, there’s a lot of work that has to be done on the surface.

You can kind of see bigger features, like this Sasquatch came off the table with big shoulders and arms, but you couldn’t necessarily see his eyes, so we go back in and add those details after the fact, hand carving everything.

In order to keep the fur detail super crisp and clear I use this super-sharp razor knife. All the fur that you see on his arms and his belly area are hand carved after the fact.

After all this detail is added, we apply a hard coat material and then he’s off to Paint, where they apply further details and our blacklight arena paint which really makes all the details come to life.

This project was really fun to work on just because of all the unique detail that was involved in creating the arena.

They [Langer’s FEC] were specific about certain details that they wanted to include like the different native species of tree that they have in that area of the country so we got to replicate those textures in the arena as well.

Especially since this community is so rooted in their history of logging and the timber industry it really became a goal of ours to make sure that we made those details come to life in the arena.