How We Made a Junkyard Laser Tag Arena – We Are Creative Works [Episode 19]

We Are Creative Works Episode 19

This is the nineteenth episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on. Below is a transcript of the video.

Hey guys – It’s me Tori. I’m a concept designer here at Creative Works.

We recently installed a junkyard themed laser tag arena for Breakpoint Bowl & Entertainment (formerly known as Hi-Tor Lanes).

The vibe we were going for in this laser tag theme was we were trying to create a grungy car junkyard sort of feel with a variety of materials, textures, and colors.

A few key props within this laser tag arena and theme are the claw center prop, the custom wall toppers that we made based off of concrete barriers as well as I-beam wall toppers, the damaged truck, our custom arena arch that we made for this theme, and a tow truck low relief sign.

The murals within this theme are also unique. They have a variety of different textures within them from corrugated metal to chain link fencing, barbed wire, and even giant stacks of junkyard cars.

For this arena, we creatively hid the fogger within a barrel and crate prop so that the fog is coming up and out of the barrel versus just coming out and over the arena.

For the maze panels of this theme, we tried to blend a variety of metal finishes as well as concrete finishes within the walls.

The custom entry arch we made for this project is 2 excavator arms holding up a car with a laser tag entry sign above it. It has a mural behind it that’s very bright and a prequel to the theme within the laser tag arena so when people are walking by and they see the mural as well as the entry arch together, their curiosity is peaked and then they get pulled in that direction and want to go see what the theme is on the interior of the arena.