Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your FEC Fresh

As they say, you only get one chance at a first impression. This is true of the guest experience at your facility too. You’ve probably worked hard to ensure that customers are impressed with your business as soon as they step foot in your door.

But, it’s also important to make occasional changes to your business to keep the experience fresh for returning customers. Whether a customer is coming back to your business for the first time in years, or it’s their second trip this month, there are plenty of ways to make them say “WOW” the next time they visit.

Plus, with some customers venturing back to entertainment businesses for the first time since the Covid lockdowns began 2 years ago (hard to believe it’s been 2 years!!!), now is the perfect time to use some of these strategies to freshen up the customer experience.

Moving around the games in your arcade is one free way to completely change the look and feel of your FEC

Best of all, these strategies are inexpensive (or free) and don’t take much time either. Here are the best ways to keep your FEC fresh without spending much money:

  • Change the layout of your arcade. We’ll start with a strategy that’s completely free! If you have arcade games, no matter how many, move them around. This might have a bigger impact on your facility than you expect. The layout will feel like a whole new arcade to customers. In fact, customers may think that you’ve added new arcade games, even if it’s the same games in a new layout.
  • Update signage and digital displays in the facility. Signs are a very easy way to make your facility look and feel fresh. You likely have signs all over your building that display various messages. Consider reprinting these signs with new colors, fonts, logos, etc. If you want to really make an impact, use digital signage. This looks more professional and doesn’t cost anything to change content in the future.
  • Cleaning the carpet and repainting the walls. This one is pretty straightforward. It’s important to make sure the carpet that guests are walking on all day stays clean and fresh. If you have the budget for it, replacing the carpeting in your business will really impress your returning customers. Similarly, painting new designs, wording or logos on your interior walls will give your business a whole new feel.
  • Repainting the exterior of your building. Impress guests before they even enter your business. This will also catch the attention of many people who pass by your building.
  • Changes to specific attractions. Besides the design of your overall business, you can also make little changes to your attractions. Examples of this include paint touch ups on a laser tag arena, new props for your mini golf course, or theming enhancements to make the experience more immersive for guests.
    • When it comes to enhancing your anchor attractions, it’s important to follow the 1/3/5 Plan. Keep the enthusiasm, excitement and momentum going for your attractions long after they were installed by following this plan!

Real Life Example

These types of inexpensive renovations can have incredible results, and we have a story to prove it. One FEC decided to make a few small renovations to their facility, including using some of the strategies detailed above. One of their changes was repainting parts of the exterior of their building. They also shuffled around their arcade.

This particular FEC was located next to a highway. Many people who were driving by the facility ended up stopping in, and saying something along the lines of, “When did you get all these new games and renovate this place?”

The FEC had not gotten any new games, they had only changed the arcade layout inside. But, these small changes made people think it was a huge renovation. Most importantly, it impressed the customers and got more of them back into the business. This is the power that small changes can have in changing customer perception.

However, it’s important to note that these strategies are not a replacement for reinvesting in your facility. Long-term reinvesting is a necessity. But, if funds are tight, this is a way to create the perception of reinvestment.

Now take a minute and ask yourself, “Which of these strategies can I do at my business right now to impress customers and keep the experience fresh?”

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