Rev’d Up Fun Adds Vintage Automotive Junkyard-Themed Laser Tag

Rev’d Up Fun hired us to build a custom laser tag arena that resembles a Motor City junkyard. The Detroit-area family entertainment center (FEC) prides itself on a foundation that provides a one of a kind experience where guests can be happy, have fun, and make unforgettable memories with their family and friends.

“We are located in Metro Detroit, south of the Motor City. Classic Cars are a big thing around our area and we ourselves own three. Because of this, we thought that a vintage automotive theme would fit our area perfectly,” said owner, Sandy Johnson. “So naturally when we went to Creative Works with our idea, they got very creative and tricked out our arena like a junkyard. From the paint to the props it fits our theme perfectly. We call it Junkyard Wars,” said Johnson.

The vintage junkyard-themed laser tag space measures over 4,000 square feet. It features props resembling huge claws hanging down to grab rusted car parts, mural walls of industrial warehouse brick and concrete, and actual chain metal fences. Zone laser tag provided the equipment and interactive targets to help bring the arena and props to life.

The junkyard laser tag fits in well with the overall theme at Rev’d Up Fun and helped them accomplish their goal of providing a unique experience for families and friends who want to create unforgettable memories.

To the Johnson family, Rev’d Up Fun not only creates new memories for others, but it also represents cherished memories made in the past. Back in 1976, Kevin Johnson’s father (Frank W. Johnson) found a 1957 Ford Skyliner for sale. He immediately purchased the car and began a full restoration. Since the original color of this car was “Cumberland Green”, it was aptly given the nickname Ol’ Greenie.

According the the backstory of Rev’d Up Fun’s website, “Ol’ Greenie was our Dad’s pride and joy. In the spring of 2001, Frank passed away, and the care of his beloved car passed on to his son and grandson, Kevin and Zachary. He would be thrilled to see how our family has treasured Ol’ Greenie, and even more so, to see it on display for all of you to enjoy.”

Rev’d Up Fun is set to open their FEC this summer.

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