Lazer Legacy Tasks Creative Works To Help Create Immersive Experience

October 4, 2017 – Mooresville, IN – Standalone laser tag facility Lazer Legacy recently worked with us to construct an immersive game play experience. The Yucaipa, California entertainment center also added the popular Color Crush to its arcade offerings.

Lazer Legacy owners and longtime friends Jeffery Horne and Eric Deal sought to open an entertainment facility in which they make their sci-fi fantasy a reality. Three teams, Humans, Aliens and Cyborgs, battle over the fate of the fictitious planet Aeris in a 4,300 square foot arena. Moreover, raised platforms were added to the initial plans in conjunction with pre-existing load-bearing walls to produce a unique design. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to purchase membership packages to track their game statistics, upgrade weaponry and customize their avatar.

Horne and Deal sought to open a fun, family-friendly entertainment outlet in an area where local entertainment options were less than abundant.

“Jeffery [Horne] and Eric [Deal] saw an opportunity,” said Russ Van Natta, our Vice President of Sales. “The area is rapidly growing with a younger audience and with all major entertainment options out of town, it made sense for them.”

Horne and Deal collaborated with us in the early stages of their business development. Upon discovering our website last year, Horne and Deal were provided with information and resources integral to their business plan. Months later, the business owners attended 360 Event, a two day educational conference in Indianapolis that we host. At this event, Horne and Deal gained additional business insight from vendors and other FEC operators from around the nation.

“From when they found our website, we provided resources they needed for their business plan,” said Van Natta. “They also attended [360 Event] to meet vendors, partners and other operators. They had an idea of what they wanted to do, but wanted to ensure they were doing the right things for their business.”

Lazer Legacy opened its doors to an interplanetary experience on March 10, 2017.

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