Revel and Roll Expansion Hires Creative Works for Custom Laser Tag Arena

September 20, 2017 – Mooresville, IN –Revel and Roll recently contracted us to fabricate a custom laser tag arena for its newly renovated facility. Formerly known as Pinz, the bowling alley underwent a $4.75 million transformation into a multi-attraction entertainment center earlier in the year. In addition to the pre-existing 30 bowling lanes, Revel and Roll West added custom themed laser tag, an arcade and restaurant to its offerings. Revel and Roll West manager Bob Brown Jr. aims to attract an older crowd with its new slew of attractions.

“We wanted to take a bowling center and turn it into an entertainment center, so that’s what the Revel and Roll West concept is,” said Brown. “We want families, we want students and we want adults that want to come in and have a good meal, but want to have entertainment, too.”

Located on the outskirts of Western Michigan University, Brown installed a space-themed arena with students’ interest in-mind. Inspired by elements from the popular James Cameron film ‘Avatar’, players are transported to a distant world in the new two-story, 2,400 square foot arena. Players are surrounded by forest foliage, airbrushed waterfall and planet murals, and mechanical fixtures. Additionally, players’ eyes will be drawn to the Na’vi-inspired sculpture overlooking the play area.

Revel and Roll West also offers private seating for birthday parties and corporate events in its 23,000 square foot facility. Aside from being a place for family entertainment, Revel and Roll West aims to be a destination for team-building exercises and off-site meetings.

“We’re hoping to generate about 20 percent of our revenue from corporate events and parties and things like that,” Brown explained.

Under a licensing agreement, Revel and Roll West uses nearly the same name as Revel and Roll: Ann Arbor Bowling Alley & Entertainment Sports Bar. Despite similar names, Revel and Roll West is independently owned and operated by Treystar Reality.

Revel and Roll West reopened its doors to the public on September 8, 2017.

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