Meet Cydney – Theme Team [Episode 10]

Theme Team – Episode 10

This is the tenth episode in a series called Theme Team. In these videos, we introduce you to our amazing staff and show off how they deliver the WOW effect in everything they do. Below is a transcript of the video.

My name is Cydney. I’m a Sculptor in the Foam Department here at Creative Works.

I went the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis and I earned my degree in sculpture and fine art.

When I was finishing my senior year, I got hired at a company that offered welding and sculpting with foam.

With my training from that job I decided to make a move to a Creative Works in order to advance my career.

I really enjoy the freedom I get working here on a day to day basis whether that’s designing a prop, learning the programming to run the different machines, or actually getting in there and hand building and sculpting.

Every day I’m working on something different and unique. We got to make some Angry Birds sculptures, spaceships, dinosaurs, kind of all over the place.

I really enjoy getting to see people walk through our space. They walk through and their eyes get really big and wide. They get super excited and that’s a really cool feeling.