Mixing Up Slime Works (We Are Creative Works)

While many escape rooms claim to be family friendly, we are told by operators time and time again that younger demographics, 12 and under, are overlooked. They may still have fun, but the puzzles are often a bit too difficult and young kids are left without much to do. That’s why we made Slime Works – the first escape room built just for kids.

In Slime Works, kids are challenged to partner up with Dr. Goo and create the ultimate slime mixture. They’ll solve all kinds of whacky puzzles in a room so vibrant and reactive that it feels like stepping across the screen into a cartoon.

Slime Works makes for a perfect addition to birthday parties and family get-togethers, and operators like Booby Trap Escape Rooms are seeing a whole new demographic walking through their doors.

“I absolutely would recommend this room for any FEC. Kids love slime. It gives them a chance to get messy. The fact that they’re able to solve all these puzzles with very little parent help, it’s just really a great time for the kids.”

Amy Palmer, Booby Trap Escape Rooms

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