Cosmic Golf vs Lucky Putt – Which is Right for Your Business?

Mini golf is still one of the most relevant and enjoyable attraction options for family entertainment centers (FECs). More than 130 million people play mini golf every year and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages (source).

We offer two types of mini golf experiences: our blacklight Cosmic Golf courses and our tech-driven casual mini golf experience, Lucky Putt. In this blog, we’ll dive into the two products so you understand the differences. Then, we’ll help you determine which is the better fit for your facility.

Cosmic Golf

Cosmic Golf takes the family-friend attraction to a new level. The blacklight environment enhances the whole experience for players. 3D props glow with more vibrant colors, murals “pop” on every surface, and better lighting effects are integrated throughout the course.

Cosmic Golf

Plus, these courses use our patented Electric Edging invention. Instead of using the traditional brick-like edging material, Electric Edging is internally lit with LED lights. It illuminates courses in a way that’s never been done before, and can be integrated with triggers and DMX controls.

Electric Edging

Cosmic Golf will help you entertain and engage customers of all ages.

Lucky Putt

Awarded Best New Product at IAAPA 2021, Lucky Putt is designed to engage guests in a social, technology-driven experience. It blends the nostalgic joy of classic mini golf from your childhood with proprietary technology to create an unforgettable, more arcade-like, attraction.

Lucky Putt is great for all ages, but it’s especially good for targeting Millennials and adults who want something more than traditional mini golf.

Lucky Putt

How it works:

  • Digital kiosks are used to register players and the digital system automatically tracks the scores; no more paper or pencil.
  • Each hole is considered a “challenge” and they all pose unique tracks and routes for players.
  • The experience is gamified. Instead of traditional mini golf strokes, the scoring system is based on points: the more points you earn the better.
  • At each challenge, there are more difficult bonus shots that earn more points, and hazard areas that remove points.
  • Sensors track the movements of the ball, and scores are automatically tallied.
  • This technology brings mini golf into the future and allows players to focus on social interaction for a more enjoyable experience.
Lucky Putt

What’s Best For You

There isn’t one answer: it all depends on your specific goals and needs. A big part of that is your target demographic.

If you are mainly targeting kids and families, Cosmic Golf is a great option. The classic game play means anyone can pick up a putter and have a great time, regardless of age or skill level. It’s a great complement to your anchor attractions and can increase per-capita spending.

Plus, these courses immerse players in a fully themed, story-driven experience. Whether you want a space odyssey, a jungle adventure, or anything in-between, Cosmic Golf creates a journey to a bold new world.

Lucky Putt

If your target guests fall in the Millennial or Gen Z demographics, Lucky Putt might be the better option. These demographics highly value social experiences and have discretionary income to spend.

The attraction is the perfect “happy hour” event or “night out,” and the courses are designed to encourage people to eat, drink, and play.

Lucky Putt is well-suited to be an anchor attraction that drives traffic and interest in your facility. And it allows you to take gaming experiences into the 21st century with the integrated technology.

Lucky Putt

The Right Fit

Ultimately, both Cosmic Golf and Lucky Putt offer unique opportunities to entertain your guests. The right one for your facility all depends on what you’re looking to accomplish and the type of crowds you want to bring in.

We want to help you understand which attraction is better for your facility. Request a quote below to get started!

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