A New Partnership with KWP to Develop a “Mixed Reality” Attraction

We’re officially announcing an exclusive partnership with Kevin Williams from KWP to develop a “Mixed Reality” (MR) attraction.

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving to meet new market demands and compete with in-home entertainment. Technology is developing at an increasing rate, and the goal of this partnership is to harness the latest technology to bring a groundbreaking, immersive attraction to the market. This attraction won’t be VR (virtual reality) and it won’t be real life. Rather, it will bridge the gap to deliver the best of both worlds while eliminating the weaknesses of each. It will be a new category called “Mixed Reality.”

One of the hindrances of emerging VR technology is that it doesn’t create an inclusive, social experience. Existing VR games are limited to small groups of players. And even if they could include more, the headsets cut people off from one another in a physical sense; at best only allowing glimpses of an avatar in the digital world. We’re working to fix this and maintain real human connections within a new kind of digital experience.

“Too many vendors in our industry fear the advancements with in-home entertainment and technology,” commented Armando Lanuti, an owner of Creative Works. “Rather than fear it, we want to understand it so we can take the successful elements and, with the support of KWP, craft a truly unique digital game experience that will define the sector’s future.”

Our companies are a perfect match to deliver this new experience. At Creative Works, we believe in creating smiles, sparking imaginations, and making people happier through memorable experiences. We deliver these experiences by creating fully themed environments and attractions for our clients all over the world. With Kevin Williams’ extensive background in the digital entertainment industry, he leads KWP’s focus on applying cutting-edge technology to the amusements and attractions sector. The combination of experience in gaming technology and themed attractions makes this partnership a powerful one.

Our companies are sticking a flag in the ground with this partnership. We will use our combined vision and relationships to attract other industry partners to help develop this immersive attraction, embracing the new technology of “Mixed Reality.” Details of the scope of this alliance and the first developments will follow shortly.