We’re Excited to Unveil Our Escape Room Attraction

We’re thrilled to finally unveil Infinite Escapes, a new escape room attraction that will debut at the 2016 IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, FL.

For almost 20 years, we have focused on creating smiles and making people happier through memorable experiences. Escape rooms are perfect attractions to create these unforgettable memories for customers. Family entertainment center (FEC) owners have shown a huge interest in this growing segment, but there’s been one big problem with the existing options in the market: a lack of repeat play.

Typically after a guest plays an escape room, they know all of the puzzles and the novelty is gone, so they won’t play the same experience again. This is an issue for FECs because their model relies on people playing attractions more than once. We took our 20 years of attraction development experience to design modular puzzles for Infinite Escapes. These are puzzles that can be easily switched out over time within the theme to keep the experience fresh and keep guests coming back.

In addition to repeat play, we’re focusing on the themed environment of the escape rooms. Every Infinite Escapes attraction is fully themed with custom props and décor that are fabricated in-house.

“Anyone can buy furniture pieces and throw padlocks on drawers and compartments,” commented Armando Lanuti, an owner of Creative Works. “With Infinite Escapes, we want to raise the bar and give guests more than just padlocks. We want to provide an amazing themed gaming experience they won’t find anywhere else.”

We already have multiple themes developed for Infinite Escapes, with more coming soon. One of these themes will be showcased in our booth (3671) at the upcoming IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando. We will also offer custom theme services for clients who want a truly unique escape room experience.

Infinite Escapes can be installed in any size space starting at 250 square feet. The attraction caters well to both FECs that want a single room experience and stand-alone escape room businesses that need to fill an entire facility.

Infinite Escapes are available now, and installs are expected to begin in early 2017.

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