We Won Best Exhibit at IAAPA

We won the Brass Ring Award for Best Exhibit in our size category at the 2016 IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando!

The IAAPA Attractions Expo is a crucial event for vendors in the entertainment industry, so we spent months developing the theme and story for our 1,200 square foot booth. The overall theme was steampunk; think Victorian era meets futuristic industrial revolution.

We showcased several attractions in the booth; our Lazer Frenzy laser maze, a playable golf hole for our indoor mini golf courses, and our new escape room attraction called Infinite Escapes. But we went beyond just bringing these attractions to the show. Every piece in the booth was brought to life by the steampunk theme. Brick and steel coated every surface, a dirigible airship was docked on the Lazer Frenzy, a clock tower topped the mini golf hole, and the themed escape room was held inside Victorian era building.

“It was an unbelievable show for our company,” commented Armando Lanuti, an owner of Creative Works. “After seeing our booth, a lot of the attendees came back again with more people. We even had compliments from Imagineers at Disney!”

This was the first Brass Ring Award for our company, and our team plans to build on this momentum for next year’s show!