We Launched An Updated 360 Event Program And Website

We have revamped the entire 360 Event Program, the premier laser tag education program in the entertainment industry. We will host the next event on February 7-8 in Indianapolis.

360 Event has always focused on educating new and existing operators about how to successfully add a laser tag attraction to their businesses. As the program enters its 6th year, we wanted to make some improvements across the board.

The improvements start with the events, which have been the cornerstone of the program from the beginning. Attendees have always been impressed with the quality of the event and the vendors who participate. In 2017, we are placing an even stronger emphasis on quality: higher quality food, more technology, bus for travel, and a lot more.

“We have always held the belief that if you are doing to invest in a laser tag attraction, you should do it right the first time,” commented Armando Lanuti, an owner of Creative Works. “Everything we do in this program is designed to educate new and existing operators. Education is the name of the game.”

As past attendees know, the content of the event reaches beyond just laser tag. We bring in experts who speak on topics ranging from funding qualifications and insurance, to birthday party development and marketing. This well-rounded approach teaches attendees skills that are applicable across attractions and business types beyond just laser tag.

“This event was literally a 360 degree view of starting, renovating or building a laser tag or FEC facility,” said Amy Rose, an attendee from 2016. She added, “We walked away with so much information, a better understanding, and the feeling like we have a team of people that will help us succeed in our business.”

The changes don’t stop with the event. We introduced updated branding and a new website, which launched in December, 2016. The website will be the headquarters of a new initiative called the Advantage Program. This is an online portal that allows operators to get exclusive deals and offers from the 360 Event Partners. This program will launch in January 2016 and will be available to operators as part of a free membership.

To learn more about 360 Event and to register for the upcoming event on February 7-8, visit