Plaza Lanes installs immersive laser tag with new renovation

November 28, 2017 – Mooresville, IN – In March, the Champaign, Illinois-based Plaza Lanes hired us to produce a customized laser tag arena. Plaza Lanes owner and senior professional bowler Gary Alstott looked to us to bring an immersive experience to the bowling alley’s recent renovation efforts. Alstott saw the chance to bring new facets of family fun to the 50-year-old bowling center.

“Gary wanted to do laser tag,” said Creative Works creative experience broker Marsha Brentlinger. “He was adding on to his building and he wanted to expand his arcade. Gary visited our Theme Factory to look at a couple of themes and decided to go with our ‘Area 51’ look.”

The two-story, 3,110-square-foot arena brings players into an industrial warehouse filled with steel structures and alien technology. Extraterrestrial panels and barrels with alien markings are scattered throughout the building, merging everyday life as we know it with an out-of-this-world experience. Furthermore, a large, hand-painted window mural hangs at the top of the arena showcasing the desert landscape of Roswell, New Mexico. Finally, a massive beacon stands in the middle of the arena, calling out to other alien life forms that may be listening.

“It turned out to be a great arena,” Brentlinger claimed. “He was very pleased with it and they’re seeing fantastic results with it; it’s working very well for them.”

From financial advice to the final install, we worked tirelessly with Alstott from start to finish ensuring that his expectations were met in every step of the project’s progression.

“The team at Creative Works was great to work with from start to finish,” stated Alstott. “The education and support they provided during the entire project was awesome. They saved us money and time by reviewing our plans before construction began and pointing out problems before they happened. This was a great help to us and the building company.”

Plaza Lanes opened its updated laser tag arena in late-Spring of this year.

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