Surprising Truths About Your Attraction Mix – Podcast Episode 8

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Episode Description

In this week’s edition of the Memory Makers Podcast, hosts Russ and Danny keep it real by unveiling some surprising truths about your attraction mix that could transform your approach. Strategy and awareness are the keys to your success.

Key Takeaways

  • You’re not always your guest – Be honest with your attraction purchases to best cater to your demographic and customer base to drive the most profit which may not always be the thing you like.
  • Not every attraction is going to be your #1 earner – By providing a complimentary mix you will give your guess more incentive to come back as well as provide a better guest experience.
  • Reduction can result in a higher demand – Downsizing your anchor attraction may actually make you MORE profits due to supply and demand as well as allowing your other attractions to take center stage.
  • Leverage your Staff – Strategically staffing and training your employees to have an emphasis on the guest experience is the easiest way to make your profits go from good to great.

Additional Notes

We mention early on in the episode how a dinner conversation with Jeff Gebhart of Five Star Parks is what really spurred this subject. Jeff is a great example of an owner who acknowledges he is not always his customer. If it were up to him, his venue would be nothing but pinball and Pac-Man. Instead, he caters to his guest’s demands.

We also reference 814 Lanes & Games as a prime example of reducing the size of an anchor attraction to allow your other attractions to thrive while creating a greater demand for that anchor attraction that is now in shorter supply.

Watch this venue tour video!

We also discuss labor and how Andretti’s Indoor Karting and Games is great at leveraging an unparalleled guest experience through their staff. Many attractions’ profits are driven by the attendants ensuring the value is there so your guest will want to spend more.

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