Testimonial: Bringing Magical Mini Golf to Ohio

We love designing, manufacturing and installing attractions with just about any theme. As part of our mini golf installation for The Web in the Cincinnati area, Sophia Jones (General Manager) and Sean Korsnak (Director of Sales and Marketing) sat down with us to talk about their vision, the results, and what it was like working with us.

Here are some of the highlights of our interview with them:

  • “We wanted to find someone that fit us and cared more about us than what their product was. We felt that Creative Works fit all those boxes,” Korsnak, describing The Web’s extensive search to find a company to work with on their mini golf course. “We felt Creative Works cared more about what they did than what they sell.”
  • “Everybody at Creative Works that I’ve had the pleasure of working with since this started, has been nothing but a gem to work with,” Korsnak, describing the people he worked with at our company.
  • “Matt did an incredible job with the artwork. I can’t believe how fast he did it. Honestly, it was incredible,” Jones, describing the muralist that did the artwork for their mini golf course.
  • “Guests have responded extremely well to our new mini golf course. Our old mini golf was already popular when it came out. But now that we’ve changed it up a bit, it’s even more exciting,” Jones, talking about the result of the new course.
  • “100% go with Creative Works. They have done an incredible job of creating such a wonderful world for us and they’ve blown away expectations,” said Jones, when asked to sum up her experience with us.

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