The Reveal: Laser Tag Launch Rooms

Often times, entertainment operators (and customers) think the briefing and vesting steps are the “boring” parts of laser tag they have to do before they can have fun in the arena. But when done right, the briefing/vesting room can create an experience, engage guests, and bring a whole new level of excitement. This is why we developed our new Laser Tag Launch Rooms.

The Briefing and Vesting Experience Has Changed Forever

Laser Tag Launch Rooms transform the standard briefing and vesting rooms into a full experience for guests. We integrate video, audio, lighting, and atmospheric effects to level up the storytelling and build anticipation. These are all tied together to create a show before a hidden door is opened to reveal the laser tag arena.

If you want to have the most unique and impressive laser tag experience that will keep guests coming back again and again, these Launch Rooms are your answer. They can be incorporated into existing laser tag attractions, or built as part of a brand new attraction.

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