We Partnered With Make-A-Wish – Noah’s Bear Mural (We Are Creative Works Episode 25)

At Creative Works, our mission is “To create powerful emotions and memories” for our clients, and their guests, around the world. It’s our “Why” and it drives everything we do here.

Make-A-Wish is a company whose values align very closely with our mission. The nonprofit creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. These wishes give the children the strength and encouragement to fight harder against their illness. Memories and wishes go hand-in-hand.

So, when we recently got the chance to partner with Make-A-Wish, we went “All In.” We’ll be working with children in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio to grant their wishes and provide lasting emotions and memories.

Recently, we had the privilege of being involved in a room redo for Noah, a 12 year old boy in Fishers, Indiana, who is currently battling cancer. Instead of a trip to Disney or another location for his wish, Noah opted for a full room renovation with an outdoor theme and a large mural. Watch the video above to see our Owner, Kimberly Schilling, discuss the project in detail. You can also find the transcription of the video below!

Hey, I’m Kimberly Schilling, one of the owners here at Creative Works. If you follow us at all on social media or on our website, you know that our mission, our why is “to create powerful emotions and memories” through the attractions that we build for our customers throughout the globe. We love to give back to our community and we do that in several ways, but our favorite is to just get our hands dirty and get really involved in a project or a charity knee-deep.

Our mission of creating powerful memories aligns really well with the Make-A-Wish charity. Many of you know the Make-A-Wish charity provides and grants wishes for children who are ill or have lifetime diseases. Granting a wish can be so impactful for the lives of these kids, both emotionally and mentally, and it just can be a boost for their entire family as they all walk through this healing process together. Because of that, and our desire to not just write a check and smile from afar, we’re partnering with Make-A-Wish here locally. We’ll serve the children of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, in granting some specific wishes for kids in these areas.

Recently, we had the privilege of being involved in a room redo for Noah, a 12-year-old boy in Fishers, Indiana who is currently battling cancer. While many of us think of Disney as the go-to for Make-A-Wish, several kids asked for a bedroom renovation, so that they can have a new transformed and fresh look at the bedroom that they live in day to day.

Noah requested an outdoor themed bedroom and he specifically asked for a large mural on one of his bedroom walls. His mom Sarah mentioned to us that his favorite color is blue, and she also gave us a few points of inspiration for that idea.

That is where we at Creative Works came into play and we enlisted the talent of one of our muralists Mason, who was able to create just a magical space for Noah in his bedroom.

Hi, my name is Mason, and I’m the paint lead here at Creative Works. Recently, I got to do something wonderful for Make A Wish. Noah came to us with an idea that he wanted. He loves nature and bears are his spirit animal. We put together a nature scene, silhouetted trees, mountain range, and a bear silhouette in the background.

Being a part of Creative Works, and being able to apply our skills instead of just donating a dollar amount, it was an awesome experience to be able to paint this room for Noah.

I’m beyond blessed to be part of Creative Works and to see the way that we can change lives with the attractions that we build for those around the globe, but this specifically is something that really is fulfilling for me and gets me up in the morning to see a way that we can give back to a family here locally. We’re super excited to be involved with Make-A-Wish and we truly hope that Noah and his family are enjoying the bedroom and the room redo that we were able to be involved with, and that beautiful mural that Mason was able to provide for him.

Stay tuned because we are involved with a few more wishes that will be coming up, so I’m excited to tell you more about those as they come to fruition. Finally, don’t forget to try and make a positive memory for someone in your life today.