We Installed Esports Attraction at Rainbow’s End in New Zealand

We installed a turnkey Esports attraction as part of a renovation at Rainbow’s End Theme Park in Auckland, NZ.

Rainbow’s End, which opened more than 36 years ago, already had a variety of roller coasters, thrill rides, water rides and kid rides.

The owners wanted a new entertainment space that offered more interactive attractions and appealed to a new and younger demographic. In July 2019, they opened Rainbow Playlab, a new section of Rainbow’s End that includes Esports, VR, virtual sword fighting, bumper cars, escape rooms and an arcade.

“We understand how entertainment has changed over the years and we are continually looking to offer a variety of experiences for our guests,” said Karen Crabb, CEO of Rainbow’s End. Crabb and Rainbow’s End were looking for an opportunity to reach a new audience through an attraction with vast potential. Esports checked all of the boxes. “[Esports] is a popular and growing entertainment option in the NZ market. [It] is a compelling offer in our Entertainment Centre.”

Crabb found out about us at IAAPA Expo in Orlando in 2018. “I saw the Creative Works stand and display, which was really impressive – and right on target for what we were looking to create at Rainbow Playlab.”

Rainbow’s End purchased two 5v5 competition Esports setups from us. The 20 player capacity attraction ensures high throughput while minimizing waiting time for players.

The Game Up Esports attraction delivers amazing gaming experiences that every gamer dreams about. The attraction offers high-end computers and graphics cards, integrated competition software, custom desks with LED lighting, and a social setting to engage with friends.

These features make an impact on guests and result in many repeat customers, something Crabb has already seen at Rainbow’s End. “Within two weeks of opening we already have committed customers who just keep coming back!”

The opportunities for Esports do not end with repeat customers coming in to play for an hour or two. Entertainment centers can generate Esports revenue through tournaments, competitions, and special events. Rainbow’s End already has plans to leverage this opportunity. “We have launched with gaming options and VIP passes and will be developing tournaments and competitions over the next few months to encourage gamers to play with us,” said Crabb.

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