What Garth Brooks Can Teach You About Making Memorable Moments For Your Guests

Think about the best entertainment experience you’ve ever had. Maybe it was at a theme park, a sporting event, a vacation, or something similar. Odds are, this particular experience was so memorable to you because it was unique and special. Maybe you had never experienced something like that before, and the excitement of that moment resulted in memories that you’ll never forget.

Imagine if you could provide this type of memory to your entertainment guests. Imagine if YOU could make your guests feel the emotional excitement you felt in that moment.

There’s good news: you can. You have the power to provide that type of lasting memory for your guests. Every time a guest visits your facility, they are there for one of two reasons: to escape or to celebrate.

Think about the attractions you have in your facility. Whether it’s bowling, laser tag, mini golf, trampoline attractions, or anything else. This is what your guests come to your facility for, but it’s NOT what you’re selling. The truth is, we are selling experiences. We are selling emotions. We are selling memories. Guests may come to your business for the attractions, but you’re providing so much more value than that. As you read the example below, think about how your business can give a guest an experience that they will never forget.

An Example From Our Amusement 360 Event

At our recent Amusement 360 Event in August, one of our guest presenters, Scott Harvey, shared a terrific example of a time when he was given an unexpected opportunity that turned into a memorable experience that he would never forget.

Harvey shared the story of how he and his wife, huge Garth Brooks fans, bought tickets to his 2014 tour and decided to take his in-laws as well. The tickets they purchased for the show were nothing special. When they got to Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky for the concert, they realized that their tickets were in the topmost section of the arena. Still, Harvey expressed how excited he was for the show, despite the less-than-ideal seats.

Harvey explained how he always makes it a point to arrive early to everything. The same was true on this day, and Harvey and his group got to their seats extra early. As they were sitting there waiting, Harvey noticed a man huffing and puffing his way up the stadium stairs, running towards their group. The man took a seat in the row behind Harvey’s group. As the two struck up a conversation, it turned out the man worked for Garth Brooks’ tour staff.

After about 15 minutes of small talk, Harvey’s mother in law turned to the man and said “I wanna know how you get those seats, down there” as she gestured towards the front few rows on the floor of the venue. The man turned to her and said “You take these tickets down there and you all sit in the second row.”

That night, Harvey and his family experienced the Garth Brooks concert from the second row, and it created a powerful memory that he will never forget. Harvey later found out that you can’t buy tickets to the first few rows of a Garth Brooks concert because they gift those tickets to people up in the higher seats on the day of the show, which is exactly what happened to Harvey.

Scott Harvey during the August Amusement 360 Event

How Can You Do This For Your Guests?

“You can do that for your customers. When you are given something you couldn’t have paid for on your own, you will participate in a way that makes it a better concert.”

This is what Harvey said to the audience after wrapping up his Garth Brooks concert story.

There were two things that made this story so interesting: it was unexpected and memorable. Harvey and his family had no idea what was going to happen to them that night when they showed up at the arena. They were able to enjoy the concert so much more because it was an unexpected surprise that allowed them to have a wonderful time, in the moment, with family.

Surely Harvey and his family would have enjoyed the show from their original seats. But being moved to the second row took it from a fun time to an unforgettable experience. Likewise, guests visit your facility to have fun, but how can you provide them something they’ll never forget?

YOU have the power to provide these unforgettable experiences for your guests by giving them something completely unexpected.

Take a minute today to think about the ways that you can make an unexpected lifelong memory for someone at your facility.