Why Should You Choose Creative Works?

Why should you work with us? Actually, this is the wrong question. Any company can drone on about having the best people, the best process, or the best anything. The better question to ask is this: Why are we right for you? Our focus is on you: your business, your attractions, and your customers.

We’re with you every step of the way, and we provide tools and resources to make this process easier. Here’s a glimpse into what your journey with us looks like:

Discover – We learn your needs and vision for your project. No two projects are the same, so this initial discovery is crucial in understanding what success means for you.

Assess – We build a proposal based on your goals, market, budget, and attraction mix. Your project is unique and this step is customized to what we learned in the discovery.

Develop – We send your custom attraction through our creative process and develop layouts, designs, and renderings. Our project manager works directly with your architects and contractors for a seamless process.

Fabricate – We produce your custom attraction in our 33,000 square foot Theme Factory. This occurs simultaneously with your build out to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Install – We assemble your custom attraction at your facility. Our team puts the finishing touches on the project to make sure we deliver the WOW Effect, and we welcome you to our family.

Support – We implement ongoing technical support for your attraction. Our support team has an extensive knowledge base to answer questions and maximize your uptime.

Educate – We provide documents, videos, and educational events to set you up for continued success. Your attractions are only successful if you know how to run them, so we want you to be as prepared as possible.

We’re ready to start this journey with you! Request a quote right now and we can begin talking about your project and your goals.

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