Creative Works Brings ‘Temple of Doom’ to Thrills Laser Tag

October 10, 2017 – Mooresville, IN – We recently worked with Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade owner Todd Whitney to install an immersive laser tag experience in the Destin, FL-based family entertainment center. After months planning, designing, fabricating and the final install, we brought an Indiana Jones-inspired ‘Temple of Doom’ arena to the Sunshine State.

“Todd Whitney was very instrumental in describing what he wanted and how he wanted it to be,” said Creative Works creative experience broker Marsha Brentlinger. “He said it had to be over-the-top, by far the best arena we’d ever done.”

The line between fantasy and reality become blurred upon stepping into the 3,300 square foot, two-story arena. The walls are fully covered with hand-painted murals depicting dilapidated stone structures and erupting volcanoes. Up to 24 players can scour the stone walls, towering archways and collapsed pillar to face off against the opposing team. Moreover, players will be captivated by the four massive stone cobra heads overlooking the arena. Taking the experience further, graphics were added to give the illusion that players ran the risk of falling through the floor into lava pits throughout the arena.

“Our laser tag is one of the most interactive and immersive in the country,” said Whitney to Northwest Flordia Daily News. “It’s highly themed with 15-foot tall snakes that can get you out, or you can use them to help eliminate other players. It’s a very technically advanced place.”

The level of theming Whitney demanded led to collaboration between ourselves and Delta Strike, a laser tag equipment provider, in order to provide an unforgettable experience for Thrills patrons.

“We worked with Delta Strike; a lot of special sounds and a lot of special triggering effects,” Brentlinger stated. “We even did some things that required them to get one of their tech guys on the phone one day to say ‘Yes, we can do that. That’s not something we’ve done, but we can make it happen.’”

For our president Armando Lanuti, this project was about setting the bar higher than previous arenas.

“It was a privilege to work with Todd Whitney again. He had extremely high expectations for this project and really challenged our team to deliver something over-the-top. We’re proud of the final product, and it’s easily one of the best arenas we’ve ever built.”
Since Thrills’ opening in June, the immersive arena has been well received by visitors.

“We’ve been very well received already,” said Whitney. “Everyone loves the laser tag and of course when it rains we’re packed.”
Thrills Laser Tag and Arcade opened to the public on June 10, 2017.

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