ggCircuit Introduces AtHome Feature Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

During this unprecedented and difficult time surrounding COVID-19, companies are getting creative to keep their customers engaged. ggCircuit, our software partner for Game Up Esports, has found a way to bring their offerings into customers’ homes in order to keep the fun going.

ggCircuit released a new “AtHome” feature which helps engage Esports players while they are quarantined at home. This new offering is available on ggLeap, their center management software.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of ggCircuit AtHome:


Details of the AtHome Offering

The AtHome offering is an opportunity for entertainment or gaming centers to continue to generate revenue and engage customers while they are stuck at home. This service can be promoted to their existing users who have ggCircuit accounts from playing at their facility.

The program is a non-obtrusive download/install on PC only. The facilities themselves only pay $10 per month to offer this program to their entire Esports customer base. From there, locations earn a minimum of $1 per player per month. The prices cover all ggLeap license costs for the center and player, as well as all ongoing maintenance and delivery costs.

This structure incentivizes facilities to push this program to their customers. It’s a win-win because facility owners engage their customers and generate some revenue, and players get to connect with friends and earn rewards.

The best part for gaming centers: very little is required on their end, besides promoting the program to their existing customer base.

AtHome provides the same kind of functionality that gamers would find in the venue: they log in, track stats, earn rewards, redeem prizes, and can compete in automated events. The program does not give centers access to the users’ machine, but it does generate data for the center about the stats of the players’ games. It also allows the center to see who is “online” from home.

ggCircuit has plenty of marketing materials for the facilities to use, including graphics for upcoming events in the software.


Engaging Customers

Right now, most businesses are struggling to make ends meet, and they are forced to find unique ways to interact with their customers. AtHome is a creative way for centers to engage their community and earn some money to help pay bills.

We encourage you to think of other ways you can connect with your customers. Even if these ideas don’t bring in any revenue right now, they can still have a positive impact on the other side of this pandemic.

To learn more about AtHome, contact ggCircuit.

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