How to Use Esports to Grow FEC Revenue

For many FEC (family entertainment center) operators, Esports is still a relatively new concept. Whether you operate an amusement center, family entertainment center, or other type of entertainment business, you are probably familiar with the term “Esports”. However, you might not fully understand why you should add it to your business, and how it can generate strong revenue.

While many of you are gamers yourself, you’re a business owner first, and not a tech expert. We want to help you cut through the jargon and get to the facts. Esports is a fast-growing industry and the popularity among many different demographics (yes, not just teens) is skyrocketing. The average gamer is in their 30s.

We want to help YOU get a slice of the revenue pie. Why sit on the sidelines when you can be generating money from the Esports craze?

As an amusement center operator, two of the most important questions about Esports are:

  • How can I implement esports so that it fits into my current business model?
  • How can I add esports without applying extra staff to maintain it?

Oftentimes, entertainment operators think that Esports is a set-it-and-forget-it attraction. This could not be further from the truth.

The Esports experts at ggCircuit have come up with a solution. OMEGA (Online Multiplayer Esports Gaming Attraction) is the complete turnkey Esports package from ggCircuit. It’s the ultimate way for FEC operators to generate revenue and benefit from the Esports industry, while requiring minimal effort and no additional staffing. In this blog, we will break down why you should consider adding Esports to your amusement center, and the benefits of doing so.

An Esports attraction brings in guests of all ages to your entertainment center

Why Now is the Time to Add Esports

Adding OMEGA provides your FEC with an experience that gamers simply can’t get at home. Our Esports attraction comes with the latest and most advanced equipment, including the computers, peripherals, gaming desks, gaming chairs, server hardware, automated events, and payment integration. Basically, it’s every gamer’s dream, and it’s all fully included.

ggCircuit also recently introduced swipe card integration. Players can now use the same swipe card system that the rest of your facility is using, for Esports. This makes the attraction self-service and players don’t have to wait in lines to pay and then have someone set up the computer for them. They can just sit down, use their swipe card, and play.

Esports can also act as a centerpiece attraction that is visually stunning. While some think that throwing your Esports computers in the corner, or in a back room will suffice, Game Up Esports is designed to be front and center at your FEC. Integrated lighting and effects, and additional screens for spectators make it feel like an arena or stadium setup. Every guest who visits your amusement center will notice Esports and become intrigued.

Esports is also a social attraction where groups of friends can come together to enjoy a few hours of gaming. Instead of being confined to speaking over headsets, players can hang out and talk in-person in a social setting. Your FEC can become the go-to spot for groups of gamers to gather together and play.

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Minimal Work, Maximum Profit

The OMEGA offering from ggCircuit has many built-in features that are designed to make it very easy for you, the operator, to generate revenue. OMEGA is a compact, casual Esports experience designed to be a self-service additional revenue opportunity for an existing business. Overall, Game Up Esports has a small footprint and the layout is flexible. You can customize your desk configurations to get the most out of your space.

Another new feature of OMEGA is ggCrypto. ggCrypto allows your Esports computers to generate revenue for you while they’re idle. Once the hardware is installed, computers that are not being used by gamers will begin mining for crypto automatically. The mining process will stop if a player logs into a computer that is currently mining. This allows the computers, when not being used, to generate additional revenue for Esports operators and facilities. This is literally free money in your pocket and ggCircuit will send you a check every month if you’re using ggCrypto.

Game Up Esports with OMEGA

OMEGA also has a new jackpot feature. There are hourly prize drops where, similar to a regular jackpot, every player has a chance to win additional credits that can be redeemed for prizes. ggCircuit takes care of the setup for all of this, so you don’t have to worry about anything on your end. This feature incentivizes players to come back and keep playing.

Another major advantage of OMEGA is the outstanding support you get. Simply put, you’re getting the best experts to stand with you every step of the way, and ensure the success of your attraction. Ourselves (fabricators and installers of the Game Up Esports attraction) and ggCircuit work closely together throughout the process of creating, installing and supporting your attraction. You will have top-notch experts always at your calling for anything you might need, including support and maintenance. You will also have 24/7 private chat support for whatever you may need.

In summary, OMEGA from ggCircuit makes it very easy to cash in on Esports popularity, while requiring minimal effort or attention from you. The goal of OMEGA is to make Esports 99% self-service so that you can add esports without the hassle of managing many variables. We know you’re extremely busy in the day-to-day grind of managing your amusement center. OMEGA is the game-changing Esports addition that makes you money without additional staffing, frustrations or hassle.