ggCircuit Introduces Esports Crypto Mining Feature for Game Up Esports

Recently, our partner ggCircuit introduced ggCrypto, a program for Esports operators to earn additional revenue through cryptocurrency mining on idle computers.

ggCircuit is the software provider for our Game Up Esports attraction. They provide the game updates and patches, prizes and giveaway redemption, exclusive in-game features, payment software, scoreboards and more for Game Up Esports.

A New Feature From ggCircuit

To capitalize on the crypto craze and help Esports operators earn some extra money, ggCircuit has introduced a feature on their software that allows their computers to mine for crypto while not being used. The feature was introduced by ggCircuit last month, and any of our clients with our Game Up Esports attraction will be able to participate in the program to start generating additional revenue.

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How It Works

Quick facts from the first month of ggCrypto:

  • Surpassed 2000 simultaneous PCs working together at one time
  • Over 100 Centers have signed up to participate
  • Centers earned $117,897.67 in guaranteed payments from ggCircuit for processing power

Quick facts on how it works:

  • Automatically runs when a gamer is not playing
  • Requires no work from the gaming center – everything is automatic once a center opts into the program
  • Analyzes each PC’s hardware and optimizes internal settings for maximum value
  • Earned income through mining is locked in every hour
ggCrypto Fact Sheet

In order to start mining crypto and receiving monetary rewards, Esports centers that use ggCircuit’s software (called ggLeap) must opt-in to ggCrypto. Once opted-in, clients will be instructed to download the ggCrypto module.

Once the hardware is installed, computers that are not being used by gamers will begin mining for crypto automatically. The mining process will stop if a player logs into a computer that is currently mining. This allows the computers, when not being used, to generate additional revenue for Esports operators and facilities.

The crypto mining feature has been operational in ggLeap computers for over a month now. In the first 18 days of the program, from May 13 – May 31, there was over $83,000 generated by Esports venue owners through the crypto mining program.

All of our Game Up Esports clients are eligible to participate in the ggCrypto program.

For more information about the ggCircuit Esports crypto mining program, and how it can benefit your entertainment center, click here.

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