Hyperdeck Data Shows Industry Leading Replays and Revenue

MajorMega studies Hyperdeck gameplay database to reveal key insights

MajorMega, creator of the Hyperdeck VR attraction, has partnered with database expert Globobeet to analyze a dataset of 100,000 recent Hyperdeck games to uncover key insights about replay performance and revenue generated.

Their analysis revealed that on average a Hyperdeck generates a whopping $20,799 per month with an average ticket price of $11.80 per player. Some facilities even earned over $38,000 in a single month. “I knew all of our Hyperdecks were performing well and that we were the top earner at many facilities” says Mike Bridgman, co-founder and CTO of MajorMega, “but to see it laid out so clearly in the data makes it very tangible.”

The data also revealed significant repeat play statistics, including: an average of 13.8% of players return to play again in the same month, while an impressive 18.6% came back more than once in the last 3 months. The top 10 players have a combined 241 games in the last 3 months alone with an average of 3 plays per visit.

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A key factor in repeat plays on the Hyperdeck is due to the fact that each player faces a different direction – this means that with every twist and turn of the journey, each player experiences different aspects of the world and has unique challenges and opportunities. Many players like to test out multiple player positions to find the one that they prefer the most.

“All of our games are born out of our love for arcade games of the past. We strive to bring mechanics that are easy to learn but difficult to master, bringing back repeat players who can climb the leaderboards and find new ways to experience the same game” explains Sean Hennessey, Co-Founder of MajorMega “Seeing this level of replay truly is the ultimate compliment.”

About Hyperdeck

Hyperdeck is a Virtual Reality “thrill machine from the future” unlike anything else on the market. It features a full-motion floor providing high intensity thrills with zero motion-sickness. Multi-sensory effects combined with heat and hurricane level winds take player immersion to an unprecedented new level. At only 300-square-feet the Hyperdeck offers facilities of all sizes a true theme park level experience.

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