How Andretti Makes Millions Annually On Laser Tag

In today’s competitive family entertainment center (FEC) industry, laser tag continues to be a fun attraction that is as popular as ever. Advancements in technology have allowed the attraction to adapt with the times and continue to be a very profitable cornerstone attraction. Andretti Indoor Karting and Games understood the opportunities laser tag presented and used it to generate revenue and engage new customers, including adults.

Background of Andretti

In 2001, the first Andretti corporate facility was opened in Roswell, Georgia. They quickly expanded to also have locations in Marietta, Orlando and San Antonio. In addition to their popular Go-Karts, Andretti has many other attractions, including arcades, ropes courses, virtual reality, bowling and event spaces.

Customer service has always been the focal point for Andretti. Eddie Hamann, Managing Member for Andretti, explained that profits aren’t everything in the FEC business. “The purpose for us is to maintain and continue the legacy of the Andretti family while providing superior service and superior entertainment for families to spend time together. We are not in this for the money.”

Reasons For Adding Laser Tag

For decades, laser tag has been a popular FEC attraction for many reasons. Guests love the fast paced, competitive action that laser tag provides. It allows people to escape reality and battle in a different world. Since people can interact and have fun in an entertaining and competitive setting, laser tag is also one of the most popular choices when it comes to birthday parties and corporate events.

Laser tag is an experience where players of all ages can enjoy a game together as a bonding activity. In deciding to add laser tag, Hamann understood the wide range of age groups who currently play laser tag. “We get a lot of that. We get a lot of families.”

Beyond families, the demographics of laser tag are evolving. While birthday parties are still one of the main drivers of laser tag revenue, there’s a growing trend of millennials and adults who enjoy this attraction.

Millennials are in the prime of their discretionary spending years and they value social experiences above all else. “Millennials are important to our business, they typically help drive our counts after 5pm.”

Hamann thinks the attention to detail in their arenas is a big reason why. “I have always had positive responses from the older crowd. Great way to team build and socialize. They also feel like they are a kid again while playing, and really like to detail we put into our arenas.”

“I have always had positive responses from the older crowd. Great way to team build and socialize.”

Andretti Laser Tag

For operators, laser tag is one of the most profitable attractions in the industry. The high hourly capacity and huge ROI potential are among the many factors that make it so attractive to FEC operators.

Laser tag has continued to grow in popularity over the decades and isn’t going away anytime soon. Hamann agrees. “I can tell you, as far as Andretti, we will not give up the space of laser tag…I think laser tag will always have a place.”

“I think laser tag will always have a place.”

Choosing A Laser Tag Vendor

Upon deciding to add laser tag to Andretti, Hamann explored opportunities with many companies. Most came up with a similar theme. “Everybody came to us with the same concept, a battle theme, dark, a scenario where you’re going into a hostile environment and you’re the hero.”

However, Hamann was looking for something more unique, something that fit the Andretti story. Creative Works came up with a completely different idea. They presented a unique design that resembled the inside of an engine. Hamann loved the idea and decided to move forward with Creative Works.

From there, Creative Works took the lead and made things very easy on Hamann. “We provided the space and then they gave us an attraction…we made one phone call and the rest of it is done.”

Hamann was impressed with how Creative Works delivered everything on time and within budget. “I don’t know that many [other companies] out there that can do that, do it in a timely manner. [Creative Works] tells you it’s going to cost X amount and it’s that number.”

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Andretti Laser Tag

Laser Tag Results At Andretti

The attention to detail on the laser tag project has lead to roughly 35% repeat plays. Players understand that this immersive attraction can’t be replicated in video games or the digital world. “Our repeat plays for laser tag [are] pretty high. People come and play. Then they go find their friends and they come back to play again. Because again, it’s something you couldn’t do in the digital world.”

“It’s something you couldn’t do in the digital world.”

The laser tag revenue at Andretti has produced phenomenal numbers. In 2018, Orlando Andretti laser tag sales were over $1 million. The other Andretti locations have also seen similarly impressive annual sales for their laser tag. “I wanna say, probably between $750,000 and $1,100,000, depending on what location you’re in.”

The success of laser tag at Andretti results from their willingness to do something different and go outside of the box. A unique theme and storyline gives players a fun and unexpected experience that leaves them wanting to come back to play again.

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Andretti Laser Tag

Get Customers Off The Couch

Laser tag will always be a cornerstone attraction for entertainment centers. Andretti went with Creative Works for their laser tag because they knew their unique design and attention to detail would keep players coming back.

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