Take An Interactive Tour of Our Cosmic Golf Course Featuring Electric Edging

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Click through the 9-hole Cosmic Golf course with Electric Edging below. Drag your cursor to move around. You can also zoom in and out.

What Is Cosmic Golf?

Cosmic Golf is the next evolution in the mini golf experience. The Cosmic Golf experience is enhanced through black light effects, more interactive props and our new Electric Edging. In addition to the effects, Cosmic Golf is also flexible and can be adapted to the space that you have. You are not restricted to 9 or 18 holes. We can adjust the layout to fit your space and needs. Cosmic Golf is a memorable and unique attraction that will entertain guests of all ages.

Download This Presentation to Learn How Cosmic Golf can Improve your Attraction Mix

Download Mini Golf Presentation

Electric Edging

Creative Works is proud to announce a new invention that changes mini golf forever: Electric Edging.

For far too long, the edging on mini golf courses has almost always been made of a brick-like material. Electric Edging changes the game by using professional grade LED lighting and DMX technology to light up your mini golf course. The patent pending product is made of a highly durable plastic composite material. The opaque plastic material is internally lit with LED lights that can be programmed to constantly rotate color, making each hole look visually stunning. Additionally, there are endless possibilites for making it interactive with DMX controls and triggers.