How We Made a Lincoln Prop for Post-Apocalyptic D.C. Laser Tag – We Are Creative Works [Episode 17]

We Are Creative Works Episode 17

This is the seventeenth episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on. Below is a transcript of the video.

My name’s Martin Kuntz. I work here at Creative Works. I am head of our foam department.

We recently did a laser tag for Doyle’s Outpost in Alexandria, Virginia. The client wanted a custom theme of sort of a post-apocalyptic war-torn Washington DC.

We had a lot of references to Washington DC architecture, street signs, some helicopters, and some military presence, as well as a really really enormous Lincoln Memorial center prop.

So the Lincoln Memorial prop was a very interesting custom prop to have to work with. Anytime a client comes to us with custom work, there’s always challenges. This one in particular had to fit through a 31 inch doorway. So we had to really be considerate of how we created the cut files and how we wanted to assemble it, so that it could fit through, as well as alleviating weight because it’s going up eight feet.

It’s on a two story laser tag but it’s not anywhere that’s going to be touched so we want to give it enough of the shelf where it’s durable but at the same time make it to where it’s not too heavy and cumbersome.

Our main goal I think with this project was to create a really immersive environment that is really exciting for all of our players to come in and enjoy a game of laser tag.