Insights from FEC Industry Leaders – Podcast Episode 33

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Episode Description

In this edition of the Memory Makers Podcast, hosts Russ Van Natta and Danny Gruening discuss the insights they learned from fellow FEC Industry Leaders! After attending several events as of late, industry peers have provided us with their knowledge on adapting marketing strategies, embracing flexibility and experimentation, as well as what successful customer engagement looks like. Plus, they discuss the importance of collaborative communication and empowering frontline staff for maximum efficiency and impact

Key Takeaways

  1. Adaptability and Flexibility: Successful businesses, whether expanding or starting up, should remain adaptable to changing market dynamics. This includes being open to experimentation with attraction offerings, pricing models, and even considering sister concepts to overcome obstacles.
  2. Empowerment and Transparency: Frontline employees should be empowered with financial knowledge and encouraged to find ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Sharing financial health and objectives with staff can lead to better engagement and a shared sense of purpose.
  3. Collaborative Communication: Bring together stakeholders, such as architects, contractors, and vendors, in the same room to foster better communication and prevents miscommunications.

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