Mini Golf Today: What’s Changed and Why It’s Still Relevant

Most of us have played a round of mini golf at some point in our lives. The easy-to-learn gameplay, competitive nature and themed environments make mini golf an attraction that almost everyone enjoys. But, what is the status of mini golf today?

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Recently, the game of mini golf has been undergoing changes that have upgraded the playing experience. In this blog, we’ll discuss the current status of mini golf, how the game has changed, and how the recent pandemic has impacted the outlook for the classic attraction.

Why Mini Golf Is Still Relevant

Mini golf has been around for over 100 years, and today, the game is as popular as ever.

It’s one of the most time-tested entertainment attractions and it’s a proven social experience that brings people together. Perhaps most importantly, mini golf has always been a game that people of all ages could play.

The popularity of mini golf is global. The combination of indoor and outdoor mini golf courses means that the game can be found pretty much all over the world.

How Mini Golf Has Been Changing

For most of its century of existence, the game of mini golf did not change much. The course designs were diverse, but there wasn’t much infusion of immersive environments or technology to enhance the gameplay experience.

In its most basic form, a mini golf hole may contain several obstacles, such as rock formations, between the tee and the hole to challenge players. However, it wasn’t until more recently that mini golf courses have become fully-immersive environments that transport players into a whole new world. In these courses, as soon as players step up to the first tee, they could find themselves in the jungles of Africa, on an alien planet, or in the midst of a pop culture adventure.

Due to these themed environments, the game has seen a resurgence with the teenage crowd. People around that age tend to seek out “instagrammable” moments. The immersive, themed mini golf environments are the perfect destination for the sought after instagrammable moments.

Recently, we’ve also seen developers fuse technology with the classic elements of the game to create brand-new social experiences. The tech-driven mini golf courses gamify the experience for players and technical automations allow them to focus on the social aspect of the game. Our new Lucky Putt attraction, discussed below, is a great example of this.

Why Mini Golf Is a Great Attraction During COVID

While we’re in the pandemic, there’s a greater worldwide emphasis on cleaning, sanitizing and physical distancing. Mini golf is one of the attractions that has performed well in these circumstances.

Physical distancing is an inherent aspect of mini golf. At any given time, you can have several groups playing your course and keeping high throughput while being safely distanced from each other. This is especially important because it helps counteract capacity restrictions.

Additionally, the pieces of equipment, including balls and putters, are very easy to clean and sanitize between uses.

Course maintenance during this time is also fairly easy compared to other attractions. Cleaning systems like Atmosclean are perfect for easily and effectively sanitizing whole indoor mini golf courses. Outside of wiping down frequently touched surfaces and vacuuming the carpet, there isn’t much more required to maintain the cleanliness of an indoor course.

Our Mini Golf Attractions

As you know by now, we create powerful emotions and memories through immersive attractions. We provide two types of mini golf attractions: our blacklight Cosmic Golf and our new game-changing product, Lucky Putt. Below, you’ll find brief information about the two products, or you can read this more detailed blog post. Check out the product presentations below or go to our products page for more information!

Cosmic Golf

  • More traditional mini golf
  • Blacklight or white light environments
  • 3D props, murals, and integrated lighting effects
  • Our patented Electric Edging

Download This Presentation to Learn How Cosmic Golf Can Improve Your Attraction Mix

Download Cosmic Golf Presentation

Lucky Putt

  • Tech-driven social golf experience
  • Interactive, challenge-based play
  • Dynamic digital experience with automated scoring so players can focus on the social aspect
  • Gamifies the experience with high point scores instead of stroke-based scoring

Download This Presentation to Learn How Lucky Putt Is Changing The Mini Golf Experience Forever

Download Lucky Putt Presentation