The Different Types of Virtual Reality – What You Need To Know and Which is Best For Your Business

The development of virtual reality immersive attractions over the last few years has been extraordinary. Technological advancements have caught up with innovation and consumer demand to make virtual reality experiences readily available for just about anyone. What was once an exclusive, hard-to-find and often expensive experience has worked its way into the mainstream across the world.

Interest in virtual reality experiences has never been higher. Virtual reality is also becoming a staple at FECs around the world. For many operators, the question has shifted from “Should we add virtual reality?” to “How many types of virtual reality should we add?”

Due to the impressive innovations in the VR sector, companies are no longer limited to a few options to choose from. There is an abundance of options on the market, and facilities are able to successfully add several VR attractions without the risk of cannibalization.

Hyperdeck VR

With so many companies coming out with so many different types of VR, it can be difficult to differentiate between them. So, let’s break it down so that you can understand the different categories of VR so you can choose which is best for your facility.

The Different Types of VR


Arcade VR attractions are the smallest type of VR. They have a smaller capacity, are usually attendant-free, and can slide right into any arcade space. This is normally the easiest entry point for operators getting started in VR.

  • Space Needed: 36-80 square feet
  • Location: Arcade
  • Game Length: 1-4 minutes
  • Game Capacity: 1-2 players
  • Staff Requirements: None
  • Earning Potential: $2-$6 per play
  • Example of arcade VR: FURY

Motion Simulator & Hybrid

Motion simulator and hybrid VR increases the level of immersion that players feel while playing the game. These attractions take up a bit more space, but can often still fit within the arcade section of your FEC and have a higher capacity than arcade VR.

Hyperdeck VR

Arena Scale Free Roam

Free roam VR gives players the ability to explore a space untethered. They still use VR headsets, but they are able to walk around freely. This category generally has the highest capacity in the VR marketplace.

Limitless VR

Which Type Is Correct For Your Business?

This article provides a high-level overview of each category, but there’s still plenty of nuance between individual attractions. Our team is happy to walk you through our attractions to help you determine which ones are right for your business and your goals. Simply Request a Quote below and we’ll reach out!